U.S. indicts 13 Russian agents, 4 entities

As early as 2014, Russian intelligence operatives traveled to the United States and began laying the groundwork for an ambitious, multi-prong mission. Over the next two years, one group would travel around the southern, red states like Texas and Louisiana to “gather” insights into the American political landscapes.

First, they learned that the best way to carry out a shadow campaign against Hillary Clinton was to be in the purple states like Florida, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Next, they hacked into the Democratic National Committee servers via malwares and stole both the files on Clinton’s and Trump’s dirty secrets. Finally, they selectively released some of those secrets while convert others into toxic propaganda to sow discord among the American electorate. These details emerged for the first time last Friday when a federal grand jury published a series of charges against 13 Russian individuals and 4 entities in a 37-page indictment.

Mueller’s boss, Rob Rosenstein, cautioned the public that the charges only pertain to the Russian operation. Nothing here would deny or affirm any ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. In the past, the president denied vehemently any knowledge of these activities and seized on the Friday news as proof of “no collusion.”

More to come.

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