Trump back on board with DACA

With the federal budget signed into law earlier this week, the immigration reform negotiation is back. Trump is now OK with DACA so long as he’d get $25 billion for the wall and another $10 billion for security equipment to go along with that wall. Dreamers’ path to U.S. citizenship is also included “over a period of 10 to 12 years.” No doubt chain migration will enter the equation. The number of legal migration could also be up for debate. One GOP senator said he wanted to see that annual number reduced.

Sens. Durbin and Graham applauded the announcement but I won’t. There’s something unsavory about hoisting high the livelihood of these 800,000 Dreamers over the price tag, basically asking, Hey, I’ll take $43,750,000 for each of them.

And now we have some poll results saying Democrats should have held firm onto the shutdown until they got DACA.

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