Most pertinent question of Trump’s years

The government shutdown is here. On the legal front, employees of the Justice Department will stay home for the most part, but the people of Bob Mueller’s team will continue to show up to do their designated investigation because they have a “permanent indefinite appropriation” funding set aside. Congressional Republicans blamed Democrats for the shutdown. […]

Shutdown it is

On the first anniversary of Trump’s reign, the government is closed for business. No one could reach a funding deal to keep it open, not even for in the short term. Blames couldn’t come fast enough. Is it about DACA or the wall? How we see this shutdown will determine which political party get to […]

Among Trump’s Forgotten Men

Carrier Corp. is an American company that specializes in making furnaces. It has two plants in Indiana. One is in the capital, Indianapolis, and the other is in Huntington, (near Fort Wayne). Back in November 2016, when Donald Trump had just won the elections, his team mobilized quickly to strike a deal with the company […]

Our president is racist

Trump’s contempt for ethnic minorities no longer debatable. During a closed-door meeting with some senators on the upcoming immigration bill, Trump asked why should the United States issue permanent visas to applicants from “shithole countries” instead of Norway. His comment denigrated entire countries like Haiti and El Salvador, and entire continent like Africa. It also […]

Will Trump plea the fifth?

Whether Trump colluded with the Russian government, we have to imagine the moment Robert Mueller’s team the president’s lawyers sit at the same table hashing out details of a formal meeting. What will the Mueller team ask? How would the White House response? Will the president be involved? Is it required of him? Months ago […]

Long way down for Bannon

A bomb-thrower’s words have done him in. Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury, quoted Stephen K. Bannon criticizing Donald Trump and his children with the most incendiary words. During the 2016 campaign, rumors swirled that the children met with the Russian intelligence operatives for dirt on Hillary Clinton, Bannon said, “Even if you thought that […]