Shallow depth of a ‘values vote’ leader

Politico has an interview with Tony Perkins, a star figure within the social conservative movement. The highlights include Perkins giving Trump a pass on his past life because of the potential fruits their relationship could bear.

This very pact between evangelicals like Perkins and heathens like Trump highlights both how desperate and unscrupulous the social conservative movement has become. Trump’s flaws are not subtle. Perkins knew about the porn-star’s hush-money sideshow, heard the Hollywood Access tape comment Trump made, witnessed thrice-married Trump delivered culturally depraved moments during the 80s and 90s, and somehow still found Trump to be designated leader of the moment. “I think the president is providing the leadership we need at this time, in our country and in our culture,” he said.

Perkins was there when Trump dismissed John McCain as a war hero. Like everyone else, Perkins thought that was the end of Trump. But because McCain was no ally to the evangelical movement and for that, Perkins was all OK with the debasing comment and rallied behind Trump anyways.

There is no question that Perkins and his cohorts look forward to the days Mike Pence takes the White House. This last year shows how fruitless the bet on Trump got them. Despite controlling the House, Senate and White House, abortion rights is still the law of the land.

Do they secretly wish Trump gets impeached so Pence’s arrival is hastened?

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