Sam Brownback fails Kansas, gets promoted

I have nothing but disdain for Sam Brownback. Beside being a total failure of a governor from Kansas, he is the next American ambassador to the world on “religious freedom.” There is nothing kosher about that idea. Brownback is an evangelical zealot who ran Kansas into financial ruin because of some right-wing, free-market myth that failed to form. No one should count on his reelection as a validation of any sort. He ran for that office with both eyes on the White House chair. He failed there because he mismanaged the state treasury. That alone should disqualify him from a future place in politics. But no; in the Republican world, you get airlifted out of the wasteland you largely created, got promoted to a new job, with cushy travel perks, and smile while those left behind have to live through the next decade in turmoil.

How did I get such visceral response to the news? Two people I knew grew up there and couldn’t get out fast enough. They even tried to get their parents out. Their future now are in metropolis like New York and Philadelphia—the places Brownback once derisively called bastions of the elites. They will never return because there’s nothing left for them there.

But this is more about Brownback and what the GOP meant when they said he was qualified for the job. By giving him the post, the party says it’s okay to fail on the job and be rewarded. Shame on the GOP, especially Mike Pence who voted for the tie breaker.

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