Rubio is great at misreading the Bible

Just because a fool quotes the scripture on a regular basis doesn’t make him a trustworthy source of wisdom. Sen. Michael Rubio (R-FL) is the latest showcase on the dumb technique politicians use to browbeat their opponents’ arguments. Here he quoted:

I will place boys as their princes; the fickle will govern them & the people will oppress one another, yes, each one the neighbor. The child will be insolent toward the elder & the base toward the honorable. Isaiah 3:4-5

If this is Rubio’s attempt to undercut the Stoneman Douglas High School movement, he chose a terrible verse. He probably thought the verse was a warning against having the youth rise up to be sound leaders but the verse belongs to a chapter depicting the ineptitude of the Israeli leaders. These elders were so bad at leading the nation that even the children had to step up and take their place.

Here we can use a translation from the International New Version:

“I will make mere youths their officials;
      children will rule over them.”

People will oppress each other—
      man against man, neighbor against neighbor.
   The young will rise up against the old,
      the nobody against the honored.

Notice the first word, “I.” It is the unmistakable voice of God. It is He who designates the “mere youths” to be the leaders.

You don’t go to Sunday school just to learn how to read the Bible. You also learn to how to process the verses and the surrounding context. That context is what missing from Rubio’s seemingly smart-ass way to make a point. He probably wanted to sound like a choirboy but in truth, he’s a second-rate poseur.

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