Russia spent $1.25m a month on U.S. elections meddling

Within the 37-page indictment against the Russian agents, the Mueller team revealed how and how much Moscow financed its operation in granular details. They charged Yevgeny Prigozhin, also known as “President Vladimir Putin’s chef,” as the primary backer for using his companies, Concord Management and Consulting and Concord Catering, to fund the operation. To conceal […]

U.S. indicts 13 Russian agents, 4 entities

As early as 2014, Russian intelligence operatives traveled to the United States and began laying the groundwork for an ambitious, multi-prong mission. Over the next two years, one group would travel around the southern, red states like Texas and Louisiana to “gather” insights into the American political landscapes. First, they learned that the best way […]

Domestic Disturbance of White House staff

The resignations of two high-level White House staffers within a week require an explanation on how the Trump presidency sees women and values their words. When the public learned that the staff secretary Rob Porter allegedly beaten up his two ex-wives, the president praised Porter the way of a satisfied employer. “He did a very […]

Rand Paul single-handedly shuts down government

For the second time less than a month, the government couldn’t pay for itself, thanks to Sen. Rand Paul and his sudden renewed interests in the national debt and budget deficit. “I ran for office because I was very critical of President Obama’s trillion-dollar deficits,” the LA Times quoted Paul. “Now we have Republicans hand […]

Nunes memo openly fires on FBI

Some observations on the released document written by Rep. Devin Nunes on what he considered professional malpractice at the FBI: 1. Bias by association. The memo accused Bruce Ohr of bias against Trump because Ohr’s wife worked for the firm that produced the Steele dossier. 2. A cluster of derps. The memo admitted that the […]

Trey Gowdy 38th Republican to quit Congress

There are political retirements and then there is Trey Gowdy’s retirement. The former prosecutor, former co-foe of Hillary Clinton in the Benghazi investigation, said he will not seek reelection. Gowdy told Politico that he found the current political climate tiring, “There is more civility in a death penalty case than there is in some congressional […]

Sam Brownback fails Kansas, gets promoted

I have nothing but disdain for Sam Brownback. Beside being a total failure of a governor from Kansas, he is the next American ambassador to the world on “religious freedom.” There is nothing kosher about that idea. Brownback is an evangelical zealot who ran Kansas into financial ruin because of some right-wing, free-market myth that […]

Trump back on board with DACA

With the federal budget signed into law earlier this week, the immigration reform negotiation is back. Trump is now OK with DACA so long as he’d get $25 billion for the wall and another $10 billion for security equipment to go along with that wall. Dreamers’ path to U.S. citizenship is also included “over a […]

Shallow depth of a ‘values vote’ leader

Politico has an interview with Tony Perkins, a star figure within the social conservative movement. The highlights include Perkins giving Trump a pass on his past life because of the potential fruits their relationship could bear. This very pact between evangelicals like Perkins and heathens like Trump highlights both how desperate and unscrupulous the social […]

Kansas death markers and the war on ISIS

War is ugly. One unit in Kansas has the task of “video-stalking” their ISIS targets thousands of miles away: They agonize over those deaths. The most frequently heard phrase in drone combat, one airman says, is: “Don’t push the button.” “You see [enemy combatants] kiss their kids goodbye, and kiss their wives goodbye, and then […]