After Gary Cohn, who’s next?

The news from Washington D.C. is furiously fast these days that the world had no time to mull on the implication of Rob Porter’s departure. He was a man with the professionalism the Trump White House needed to organize itself that the void he left behind was the cause to blame for the near-epic level […]

Domestic Disturbance of White House staff

The resignations of two high-level White House staffers within a week require an explanation on how the Trump presidency sees women and values their words. When the public learned that the staff secretary Rob Porter allegedly beaten up his two ex-wives, the president praised Porter the way of a satisfied employer. “He did a very […]

Among Trump’s Forgotten Men

Carrier Corp. is an American company that specializes in making furnaces. It has two plants in Indiana. One is in the capital, Indianapolis, and the other is in Huntington, (near Fort Wayne). Back in November 2016, when Donald Trump had just won the elections, his team mobilized quickly to strike a deal with the company […]

All the president’s liars

One week after the fallout, we still have no idea if President Trump actually asked, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Since reports of the president using racist remarks on Haiti and El Salvador first published, new details emerged claiming there were at least ten people the room. Almost […]