Rubio is great at misreading the Bible

Just because a fool quotes the scripture on a regular basis doesn’t make him a trustworthy source of wisdom. Sen. Michael Rubio (R-FL) is the latest showcase on the dumb technique politicians use to browbeat their opponents’ arguments. Here he quoted: I will place boys as their princes; the fickle will govern them & the […]

Mueller’s team subpoenas Trump Org

How close is the corruption investigation to the president himself? Today, the NYT reported that instead of requesting for documents from the Trump Organization, which has a history of compliance, the team made a loud and public statement in issuing a subpoena. What not known is the scope of the court order, but relationship between […]

After Gary Cohn, who’s next?

The news from Washington D.C. is furiously fast these days that the world had no time to mull on the implication of Rob Porter’s departure. He was a man with the professionalism the Trump White House needed to organize itself that the void he left behind was the cause to blame for the near-epic level […]

Parkland’s ‘good guy with gun’ did ‘nothing’

Why do the gun-rights advocates assume so unequivocal that the answer to gun-violence is to have more guns? Evidence from the Valentine massacre showed the exact opposite. There was a “good guy” on duty. He was armed and had been at the school since 2009. But on that day, no one saw this good guy: […]

West Point accepts cadet Peter Wang posthumously

During the Parkland carnage, three JROTC cadets died. All three received the JROTC Medal of Heroism, which “is given to a cadet who does something “so exceptional and outstanding that it clearly sets the individual apart from fellow students” and ‘involved the acceptance of danger and extraordinary responsibilities, exemplifying praiseworthy fortitude and courage.’” One of […]

Facebook central to Russian propaganda

Part of Russia’s strategic aim to sow discord among the American electorate, its operators set up an organization called the Internet Research Agency. It would grow into “hundreds of employed individuals,” organized into separate departments: graphics, data analysis, search engine optimization, digital infrastructure maintenance, and budget finance, according to the Friday federal grand jury indictment. […]